Who cares about einhorn? You do!

Krass! 3 days ago we took this fairytale online and until now, more than 20,000 people learned that there is a new einhorn in town.

Update, 22:30, Berlin: Interview in EDITION F with einhorn founder Waldemar Zeiler about the Entrepreneur’s Pledge and how social startups could be the next Google or Uber.

We couldn’t believe the response.

Over 1,200 people from 36 countries visited our site to view our crowdfunding teaser trailer, while 17,000 saw our Facebook post.  The trailer got more than 1,300 views on Youtube; and the best is yet to come!  Sex expert and founder of www.makelovenotporn.com Cindy Gallop retweeted our first tweet!

Our mission, to build a fairstainable condom, is based on your support; we’ll only be successful if we spread the word together.

Do you see the white spots on the world map? That is all the countries that don’t know about einhorn yet. Do you know anybody there? Support by acting: spread the word!

We weren’t so sure if all you einhorns were ready for the message:

There is a new einhorn in town fine, but sharing a condom video?

We don’t have to wonder anymore, you are all definitely ready, let’s take the next steps! Go on!

To reach our goals we have quite some big hairy audacious goals ahead of us: We want to buy a plantation in Malaysia to really know where our einhorn condom comes from. We want to start a campaign about sexual education to normalize talking about lovemaking. Are you up for the challenge?


Well some of you obviously are ready to talk about sex! See for yourself:

We got tons of e-mails and messages embracing our idea and concept.  There must be a little bit of unicorn in us all, as one said:  „always be yourself, unless you can be an einhorn … #‎socialentrepreneurship  #‎bethechanger.“

Here are our favorite messages from over the weekend:

„NICE! One more social business that will make you take off your pants.“

„wer ist euer Testoronimonial?“

„Der Name ist auch ziemlich grandios, find ich :)“

„These guys – Philip & Waldemar – are not only sweet, but they care about love. And they have a mission. Producing the best condom in the world. Soon to be supported via crowdfunding: EINHORN. Watch & share.“

„My slogan after using it: Mein Horn was proudly saved by Einhorn“

„Support your local einhorn!“

„Das verrückteste Start-up das es aktuell gibt? Die Jungs, die das beste Kondom der Welt schaffen wollen! Glaubt Ihr nicht? Der Beweis:https://einhorn.my/einhorn-trailer/

„never could have seen this coming… ‪#‎einhorn‪#‎stickvogel

„lets all be unicorns!

„Es gibt kein ‪#‎Einhorn? seht selbst!!! Viel Erfolg und einen tollen Start wünscht euch das ganze Team von desendo ! ‪#‎makeitfair‪#‎condome‪#‎sustainable‪#‎changer

What do you want to know about einhorn?

Write us or tag us in any kind of post!

And don’t forget to share!  We want to be fair and sustainable, which means a discussion.  So let’s talk about it (and sex)!

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