Unser Fairstainability Fazit zu nachhaltigem Kautschuk Tja und was heißt das jetzt für uns? Weiß nicht, was würdet ihr für Schlüsse ziehen? Wir werden auf jeden Fall jetzt erst mal nicht um die 5000 Euro für eine Zertifizierung ausgeben, die aus Fairstainability-Sicht nicht mal perfekt geeignet ist. Wir haben uns dafür entschieden noch mal tiefer […]

Wir bei einhorn nehmen uns selbst nicht zu ernst aber umso ernster ist unsere Vision: ein faires und nachhaltiges Wirtschaftssystem. Eigentlich sind wir begeisterte Unternehmer mit dem Glauben, dass ein funktionierendes Wirtschaftssystem allen mehr Wohlstand, Gesundheit und Zufriedenheit bescheren kann. Leider hat die jüngste Vergangenheit gezeigt, dass die Wirtschaft und ihre Spielmacher in vielen Fällen […]

Dear Philanthropists, I am a 32-old entrepreneur who has started up some digital companies. However, like the majority of founders still striving to build a unicorn business, I decided for my next try to build a unicorn venture, to build it as a social entrepreneur. First of all, I’m not happy with many developments in […]

einhorn – the Trailer

Every crowdfunding campaign has to start somewhere.

StartNext Crowdfunding Campaign

And we’re letting you in on the secret: we want to bring a fair and sustainable condom to the market.  We’re already starting to develop our product, but we can only ensure that it will become fair and sustainable with your support & funding.

We are in the middle of creating a product for you and for everyone. There is none like it yet and we promise you that you won’t want to miss it once you have it. It will be your support enabling us to built a product which is fair and sustainable – we call it fairstainable at einhorn – let’s make it happen:

A condom, a product everybody needs but nobody wants.

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einhorn is one of the first social ventures originating from the Entrepreneur’s Pledge.

The Entrepreneur‘s Pledge is a commitment by sustainable thinking entrepreneurs

to dedicate their entrepreneurial gift to found at least one business that will reduce environmental and social harm to a minimum and invest at least 50% of the profits into a social or environmental cause.


Because entrepreneurs have the power to change the unsustainable development of the economy by applying their entrepreneurial gift.

The Problem

The current economic development with its dominant outdated goal to optimize shareholder value has led to an unsatisfactory and unsustainable situation, which needs to be changed.

The Solution

Call upon the Entrepreneur’s responsibility to create companies & products which optimize all stakeholders’ values as a proof-of-concept for the whole economy.

 Relation to the Giving Pledge

The Giving Pledge is a wonderful initiative by the world’s wealthiest individuals to dedicate the majority of their wealth to philanthropy. However we believe that Entrepreneurs are the best executors by nature to achieve the best Impact-ROI. Combining both pledges will result in the best possible outcome for the world.


All individuals with a sufficient entrepreneurial track record willing to make the world a better place.

Assignments of Entrepreneur’s Pledge

  • Encourage Entrepreneurs to start a sustainable company by sharing fellow start-up stories, market trends & positive media coverage
  • Facilitate contacts to social investors and philanthropists for funding
  • Support new founders with a huge network of successful entrepreneurs


Check out the website: www.entrepreneurspledge.org

And thanks to Amstelorks for the footage!