Einhörner: About Us

Meet the Team!



Favorite design:

Liz is driven by an impeccable sense of NEXT -she’ll happily introduce you to emerging trends long before they materialize. In her free time she works for the infamous Vivienne Westwood.

„No this is lazy!“



Favorite design:

Sandra qualified herself for the job by drawing 120 different penisses. Now she’s in charge for shark research, graphic design and illustration.

„More glitter!“

Waldemar Zeiler


Favorite design:
Forbidden Kiss

The tree hugging capitalist who runs the business with kind brutality. Waldemar joined the light side after years in the digital start up & venture capital business.

„Don’t fuck with nature.“


Favorite design:

Lola was saved from Romania and is now Chief Happiness Officer at einhorn. She loves to run around, jump and play… and sleep. And of course she loves food. She’s very shy and cautious around strangers but she already grew fond of the einhorn crew. <3


How do we work together in our rainbow-sparkle-wonderworld? You can read more about it HERE.


Favorite design:
Love on the Rugs

A native Berliner convinced of the concept of solidarity. Coordinates which unicorn gallops on which rainbow.

„Principles beyond benefits“


Favorite design:

Elisa is the conscience of the unicorns. She wants to save trees and hug humans or the other way round.

„How can we make it more fairstainable?“


Favorite design:
Slip Flip

Juliane’s first contact with einhorn was a huge disappointment: after buying a bag of condoms she realized that they weren’t sweets. She delivers designs in light speed and therefore needs to stay hydrated: she drinks about 8 liters of aqua frizzante each day. Besides she’s also known as the crazy einhorn plant lady.

„Das ist ja genital!“


Favorite design:
Make Some Love

It should be all about Sex, responsible and safe, why do condoms have to be such a pain? Well they don’t, let’s talk about it.

„I love it! Let’s do it! Now!“


Favorite design:
I (heart) Dicks

Even unicorns need some affection and rewards for their magical powers. And aaaall the love you give us needs a supervisor. That’s Francesca. She’s taking care of the survival of unicorns.

„Save Love, save Unicorns, save the World!“


Favorite design:

Linda joined the team to make fairstainability happen in the rubber world in Malaysia.



Favorite Design:

Klaus is running the Richter Rubber condom empire in Malaysia with extreme attention to detail and with German technology & safety measures. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

„Future generations should have the possibility to live at least as comfortable as we do!“


Favorite design:

Markus joined the team after solving the super hard einhorn crossword puzzle. Boosted by this huge success he is now dedicated to spreading love and unicorns online.

„French Fries are underrated!!“


Favorite design:

Jördis loves unicorns. She contributes to the einhorn-wonderland with: Finance KPI´s. She cares for the coins and makes sure that we have enough fairydust to fly.

„Go against the flow“


Favorite design:

A native russian from kazakhstan dreaming of worldwide equality. Lets make this world a better place … together! Studying Law and Economics on half of the day, shipping Unicorns to their destination the other.

„All colors are beautiful!“


Favorite design:
The New Age Club

Cordelia waved the corporate world goodbye to join einhorn and follow two of her true passions: Products and periods. When she manages to find her desk under mountains of tampons and shredded pantyliners, our „Head of Menstruation“ is working on her biggest mission: Power to the Period.

„It was me. I let the dogs out!“


Favorite design:
TamTampon normalo

Teresa worked as an Art Director for 5 years at several agencies before landing her ufo on einhorn planet. She likes to look at pictures, laughs about things and loves interpreting dreams. (Send her an e-mail for an exclusive dream interpretation.)

„Nazis raus, Tampons rein!“


Favorite design:
Secret Crush

Mohammed loves the summer and the nature, and is fascinated how Berlins weather can change through all 4 seasons in only one day.

„Nichts ist unmöglich!“


Favorite design:

The environmentalist & transparentalist – sheds light on the condom’s life and stardust wherever possible.

„Tick Tack, Ticke Tacke“


Favorite Design:

Papperlacup 1

Elena joined einhorn to empower all menstruating people on this planet. Producing well researched content for @einhorn.period, projects with social impact and cooperations with lovely people and organizations are her favorite things to do at einhorn.

„Machen kommt von machen!“


Favorite design:
Papperlacup klein

We hired Anna not only because she is a pretty good designer but also because she smiles 24/7, she even smiles when she’s crying or calling you a Kackbratze (which she’d never do). She also has the most gentle and hypnotising phone voice you will ever hear (ask for Anna 030/…).

„Liberté, Egalité Kräutertee!“


einhorn is a community and a team that has a stake in society, culture, politics, and the economy.  We believe that being fairstainable involves a mutual dialogue between all involved.  That is why we host content from minds that question norms and values.   Join the discussion.


We are a start up and want to combine design with Fairstainability (fair & sustainable). We believe in using the business power to do good and all that in a sexy design.


50% of our profits go into social and sustainability projects. Everyone involved in the condom making process – the nature and the people –  have a stake in our approach.
Our fairstainability targets range from fair wages in the whole production process through minimizing our CO2 footprint to increasing the biodiversity on the plantations where the rubber for our condoms comes from.